The Spoonbill Generator

Reinstate War Fun

You've seen but a few of my numerous failings [Kansas Sam]

You've heard all too often my wailings [Karin]

I thought you'd enjoy something new, something fresh [archaeopteryx]

So let's start by tossing our CD's of Tesh [Karin]

Quick! - to the trash can before it's too late [Kansas Sam]

That New-Agey "music" we won't reinstate [Karin]

For polkas are peppy and really more fun [F]

The Germans would start World War Three to hear one [Kansas Sam]

That Sousa is apt when you're marching to war [F]

But to make Our Boys killers, play Tesh for encore [Kansas Sam]

And then when we all have been blown into bits [F]

All that will remain - Tesh's Greatest Hits. [Karin]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Karin, archaeopteryx, F.
Poem finished: 17th October 2003 by Anon..