The Spoonbill Generator

Protruding Posterior

The real derivation of 'prat' [loaf]

Discovered by Schrodinger's cat [Beefy ]

Is nothing to do [Roland]

With falls in the loo [asdf]

But instead with what on it you sat [archaeopteryx]

Authorities may disagree [Roland]

But I think e=mc [Beefy ]

My bum is not square [archaeopteryx]

Nor my derrière [loaf]

Nor that spot that some call the G [F]

And so ... when the pundits are wrong [loaf]

Remember, when wearing a thong [F]

Show them how cheeky [archaeopteryx]

Really, how freaky [F]

You've secretly been all along [loaf]

When speaking of toilets and rumps [F]

One really must mention the mumps [Grayman]

When your neck's swollen up [Ethetran]

Eau de toilette you'll sup [Beefy ]

And you'll find you'll pass sweet-smelling dumps [Ethetran]

"This anal obsession" said Freud [Beefy ]

"Is something you cannot avoid" [Ethetran]

"You incessantly dust, [archaeopteryx]

You sublimate lust [Beefy ]

For your mother; that's why you're annoyed" [Ethetran]

Beware of a fall to your rump [archaeotperyx]

Not only will you look a chump [Grayman]

The prattlers will laugh [archaeopteryx]

At your most heinous gaffe [Ethetran]

And your tushy will have a big lump. [Karin]

Let's get to the bottom of this [Beefy ]

Our apparent gluteal bliss [Karin]

Requires an ass-umption [Beefy ]

And a butt-load of gumption [Karin]

And a black hole that's not an abyss [Kansas Sam]


Contributors: loaf, Beefy, Roland, asdf, archaeopteryx, F, Grayman, Ethetran, archaeotperyx, Karin, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 16th October 2003 by Anon..