The Spoonbill Generator

They Who Remove Buttons From Unsuspecting Harlots

Len reported Clara to the fashion commissar [Beefy ]

Saw her in her gumboots and a peephole bra [loaf]

Clara came for Leonard with a sand-filled sock [Beefy ]

She poured it in his skivvies, underneath his frock [archaeopteryx]

So Leonard he now dances [keith c]

See how he prances [Beefy ]

Like he has ants in his pants-es [archaeopteryx]

Reggie offered Leonard a new dance to ease the pain [Beefy ]

(Your left leg in; your left leg out; and then the same again) [Ethetran]

Clara changed her habit and became a nun [Beefy ]

But Leonard didn't notice and he shot her with a gun [archaeopteryx]

So Len's inside for ever [Beefy ]

See him broken forever [archaeopteryx]

That wasn't very clever [Grayman]

Contributors: Beefy, loaf, archaeopteryx, keith c, Ethetran, Grayman.
Poem finished: 16th October 2003 by Beefy.