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Darling Little Orphans

When Uncle Roland came to stay [fester]

Fester baked a pie [Padfoot]

And in his special, naughty way [Kansas Sam]

Told a little lie: [Beefy ]

"It's made with meat and pastry, sweet [Padfoot]

Uncle, you should know - [fester]

It's going to be a special treat ... " [Roland]

So much for Uncle Ro [Beefy ]

But when it was Aunt Katy's turn [Roland]

Beefy made her cry [archaeopteryx]

He dumped out Uncle Roland's urn [Kansas Sam]

For gravy he would try [keith c]

He mixed the ash with acetate [Beefy ]

Katy ate is all [archaeopteryx]

She even polished off the plate [loaf]

And death did her befall [archaeopteryx]

Thus the nephew, thus the niece [Roland]

Baked a poisoned Loaf [Ethetran]

They offered it to the police [Beefy ]

Who promptly arrested them both [Ethetran]

They entered a "Not Guilty" plea [Beefy ]

A jury did convene [archaeopteryx]

They pleaded "Hapless orphans we" [Beefy ]

"Are Padfoot and Francine." [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: fester, Padfoot, Kansas Sam, Beefy, Roland, archaeopteryx, keith c, loaf, Ethetran.
Poem finished: 16th October 2003 by Ethetran.