The Spoonbill Generator

Haunted Colours

Lacerated insights pour into my head [Beefy ]

(why must he beat me and make me submit?) [archaeopteryx]

Should I stay awake or should I go to bed? [F]

(why must he make me wear this latex outfit?) [archaeopteryx]

Pebbles and golf balls rain down on my hat [F]

(why must he make me stand out here alone?) [Beefy ]

Should I stand to attention or lie down flat? [Ethetran]

(why does he leave me here, chilling to the bone?) [Beefy ]

Goat milk and snowflakes fall upon my hair [archaeopteryx]

(why must he make me sleep here in the fridge?) [Ethetran]

Should I drink the juice or eat the Camembert? [Beefy ]

(why must he always make me play bridge?) [F]

Salty tears and pearls trickle down my face [archaeopteryx]

(why must he always make hurtful remarks? [P]

I try to tandem but cannot keep pace [F]

(why must he drag me to National Parks?) [Beefy ]

Memories betray foggy in my mind [archaeopteryx]

(why must he tease me about my numb skull?) [Kansas Sam]

Should I tell the truth, or would that be unkind? [Beefy ]

(why must he read me verses so dull?) [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: Beefy, archaeopteryx, F, Ethetran, P, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 15th October 2003 by Anon..