The Spoonbill Generator

Most Even-Handed Definition

impeccable: Can not be pecced [Grayman]

regrettable: Can be gretted again [Karin]

referred: Ferred a second time [F]

uncouth: with coots removed [baoloa]

inept: I'm not ept, are you? [Padfoot]

confounded; established together [Beefy ]

prefix: still broken [Ethetran]

postal: the next Democratic candidate [Beefy ]

undulate: prevent from being dull [Ethetran]

incorrigable: Can not be corriged [Grayman]

defense: Is in de yard [archaeopteryx]

dismember: Should be kept in yo pocket [Kansas Sam]

expo: lottery winner [smrtypnts]

pretend: before the passing of a decade [archaeopteryx]

commentator: just your ordinary spud [smrtypnts]

urine: now that you've passed the initiation [Kansas Sam]

innuendo: where suppositories go [Beefy ]

nachos: belonging solely to me [Karin]

remember: to reattach the limbs [quasi]

discography: vertical axis on shimmering ball [archaeopteryx]

feckless: free from feck [quasi]

rejigger: to pour another shot of whiskey [Karin]

undertow: where you step [archaeopteryx]

indifferent: similar; sharing the same characteristics [quasi]

infamous: more than famous [archaeopteryx]

forage: pro-geriatric [F]

copulate: officer that stops to pick up doughnuts [archaeopteryx]

meandering: parted shortly after we said "I Do" [Kansas Sam]

affable: a story [quasi]

prolix: in favor of dog kisses [F]

rematch: when your cake has too many candles [Kansas Sam]

henchman: a man who henches [quasi]

furlong: unshaven [F]

harass: is as big as a barn [Kansas Sam]

noggin: that period which immediately precedes a Christmas party barf [Karin]

uniqueness: only one loch has a monster [Kansas Sam]

delectable: Possible to delect; make free of lectable [Grayman]

postulate: tardy mail delivery [Beefy ]

Utilitarian: A native of Utilitaria [Grayman]

pundit: having been turned into a pun [archaeopteryx]

supercilious: More than cilious, but not as much as hypercilious [Grayman]

thesaurus: the lizard [Beefy ]

precognition: the gear in front of the starter [archaeopteryx]

postmaster: doctor [Beefy ]

genocide: Italian slang for half a ham [archaeopteryx]

inverse: how we write at spoonbill [quasi]

gladiator: 'cause she purred like a kitten [Kansas Sam (sorry)]

often: decimal [Beefy ]

pumpkin: explanation for Appalachia family trees [archaeopteryx]

pumpernickel: a cheap ho [Beefy ]

area: flightless South American bird resembling an ostrich [archaeopteryx]

listless: the state of spoonbill after this poem is ended [quasi]

Contributors: Grayman, Karin, F, baoloa, Padfoot, Beefy, Ethetran, archaeopteryx, Kansas Sam, smrtypnts, quasi, Kansas Sam (sorry).
Poem finished: 15th October 2003 by archaeopteryx.