The Spoonbill Generator

Unsightly Cheesology

I am filled with remorse, and the reasons are three: [Roland]

Gorgonzola, cheddar and brie [Padfoot]

Cheese in its place is a fine thing to see [Grayman]

But not when you find it floating in tea [F]

My wretchedness eats me, its causes twofold: [Proper job]

Too little silver and not enough gold [Anon.]

My ship has come in but so empty its hold [Grayman]

And the cheese in my tea blooms with lavendar mold [Dassn't Say]

There's only one thing that saddens my soul [Padfoot]

Too many fragments and not enough whole [Roland]

Tea without cheese is a pure enough goal [Beefy ]

But I need something else in my crusty bread roll [Grayman]

Contributors: Roland, Padfoot, Grayman, F, Proper job, Beefy, Dassn't Say.
Poem finished: 15th October 2003 by Anon..