The Spoonbill Generator

The Apologetic Polka

Escape these shores I must, and head for foreign soil [N]

I am a Native Son, thus suffer some turmoil [F]

Ma keeps nagging get a job and feeding me castor oil [Dassn't Say]

Yet any thought of stepping off Lon Gisland makes me boil [Kansas Sam]

Pursue those gals I must, and head for cabarets [F]

I am a Modern Man, so must avert my gaze [Beefy ]

Pa just scowls at my arrogance, eating chips and mayonnaise [Anon.]

Yet any thought of nudity still leaves me in a daze [Ethetran]

Escape my dreams I must, and head for safer ground [Beefy ]

I am a Highland Chief, and sheep I must unbound [archaeopteryx]

I tired to swim Loch Ness and begorra, almost drowned [F]

Yet any thought of leaving Nessie turns me back around [Kansas Sam]

Pursue those fish I must, and head for open seas [F]

I am a Chip Shop Man; they go with chips and mushy peas [Ethetran]

I find that eating oily fish can limber up my knees [Beefy ]

Yet any thought of sailing puts my stomach ill at ease [Ethetran]

Escape this life I must, and head for pastures new [Beefy ]

I am a Cowpoke Dude, rustic through and through [archaeopteryx]

I'm going to head down under, to herd wallaby and 'roo [Beefy ]

Yet any thought of eucalyptus makes me lose my stew [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: N, F, Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam, Beefy, archaeopteryx, Ethetran.
Poem finished: 14th October 2003 by Anon..