The Spoonbill Generator

Extended Gravity From The Spectral Register

Gosh! That cat's obscenely fat! [The Realm]

It makes my heart go pit-a-pat [TG]

When he goes hulking by [Roland]

I've never seen so fat a cat [TG]

Since, back on mighty Ararat [Roland]

The Lord of Cats was I [TG]

Yet in a more substantial dream [Roland]

Of living in a new regime [P]

The cat and I are one [TG]

While Noah, in his quinquereme [Roland]

Lets out a planet-shatt'ring scream [P]

Which echoes off the Sun [TG]

And so the sun itself now falls [P]

(The fate of all such gaseous balls) [TG]

Athwart the nether pit [Roland]

And down in those nefarious halls [P]

Each demon to his master calls [Roland]

As bats and banshees flit [TG]

Yet Cerberus was never match [Roland]

For jubjub bird or Bandersnatch [TG]

For vampire, bull nor bat [Roland]

For Puss is truly Old Nick's pet [TG]

And none have seen the like, as yet, [Roland]

Though men may scream and men may sweat [TG]

And some recall what none forget [Roland]

To save their mortal selves from debt [TG]

Preserving feline etiquette [Roland]

And bow before the Cat [TG]

Contributors: The Realm, TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 13th October 2003 by Roland.