The Spoonbill Generator

A Lacklustre Paragon

Changed the channels 'til my fingers bled [smrtypnts]

Blew my nose 'til the tissue was red [archaeopteryx]

Still couldn't fill that hole inside [Beefy ]

I'm a doughnut for you, a doughnut [loaf]

Tangoed all night till my feet fell off [F]

Banged it all night 'till the sausage was soft [archaeopteryx]

Still couldn't find that hole inside [loaf]

I'll cheerio for you, a cheerio [F]

Wrangled all day with a cryptic clue [Beefy ]

Held my breath 'til my face was blue [archaeopteryx]

Still couldn't fix that hole inside [Beefy ]

And yet I bagel for you, a bagel [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: smrtypnts, archaeopteryx, Beefy, loaf, F.
Poem finished: 13th October 2003 by Beefy.