The Spoonbill Generator

Deep-Fried Nostalgia

Up your nose with a rubber hose [Mad Jock]

Fonzie's gift for rhyming shows [Kansas Sam]

Planning sins with countless twins [Beefy ]

Spins our manly bowling pins [F]

In your face with a can of mace [Beefy ]

Then off up the street at breakneck pace [Grayman]

Dodging cars and seeing stars [Beefy ]

Was Fonzie one of Kotter's stars? [Irene Adler]

The mem'ry stays of TV days [TG]

At cathode rays we'd dully gaze [F]

A wastland vast as in the past [Kansas Sam]

Minds are trashed and feelings lashed [F]

Surfing round with muted sound [Beefy ]

Confound! No T&A inbound! [Kansas Sam]

Now I'll have to read. A screed? [F]

Instead I'll roll and smoke some weed. [Dassn't Say]


Contributors: Mad Jock, Kansas Sam, Beefy, F, Grayman, Irene Adler, TG, Dassn't Say, Anon..
Poem finished: 13th October 2003 by Kansas Sam.