The Spoonbill Generator

Rearward Facing Gum Machines Realise Their Cosmic Purpose

An overpriced player called Rio [Padfoot]

Had trouble concealing his B.O. [Grayman]

He stood in his vest [Beefy ]

and puffed out his chest [Padfoot]

But didn't remember to pee-o [Grayman]

An overpaid player called Becks [Padfoot]

Had a complex like Oedipus Rex [Kansas Sam]

His biggest mistake [Beefy ]

Was eating Mum's cake [Kansas Sam]

Then saying hello to his ex [Anon.]

An over-filmed actor named Arnold [Kansas Sam]

To all California told: [N]

I better not grope [F]

My kids' nanny, Hope [Karin]

Of my urges I must get a hold [F]

A dim-witted monkey called Bush [Betty]

Declared, "when shove comes to push" [F]

I'm prepared to attack [Beefy ]

Korea and Iraq [Padfoot]

And wherever they wear a tarboosh [Beefy ]

A leggy old madam called Babs [F]

Had cancelled a show due to crabs [N]

She did feel quite itchy [F]

But Madge and Guy Ritchie [Beefy ]

Distracted with jugular jabs [F]

A left-leaning actor named Sheen [Kansas Sam]

Quite fancied himself as The Queen [Beefy ]

He borrowed a crown [Grayman]

And a purple gown [smrtypnts]

And ruled the West Wing quite serene [Beefy ]

Susan Sarandon took aim [Kansas Sam]

And squarely did place all the blame [Karin]

On capitalist pigs [F]

She'll shoot on their rigs [Kansas Sam]

And thus gain additional fame [F]

Contributors: Padfoot, Grayman, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Anon., N, F, Karin, Betty, smrtypnts.
Poem finished: 11th October 2003 by Anon..