The Spoonbill Generator

Right Nestled Securely Among Wrong

Our old friend, haiku [Karin]

Long may he rot! [loaf]

Loaf, he no laiku [Beefy ]

Hmm, why Loaf no like? [Karin]

Perhaps he's a curmudgeon [Beefy ]

Or maybe a cur [Karin]

We, in the meantime [TG]

Forcing a smile [loaf]

Giggle as he "bathes" [Kansas Sam]

If Loaf will not play [TG]

Through being in high dudgeon [loaf]

We'll throw him a bone [Karin]

And, rabid or not, [Roland]

He will have to be restrained [Karin]

Forcibly, maybe [Kansas Sam]

Loaf takes a cat nap [F]

Time to change his newspapers [Kansas Sam]

Fetch, Loaf, fetch. Good dog. [Karin]

Look in the mirror [N]

And see yourself reflected [F]

Who is it, really? [N]

Contributors: Karin, loaf, Beefy, TG, Kansas Sam, Roland, F, N.
Poem finished: 10th October 2003 by Anon..