The Spoonbill Generator

Dancing the Inevitable

Why must you dance the lambada? [F]

Do you think you're Erik Estrada? [Karin(input from F)]

Your pants are too tight [F]

Split them you might [Karin]

Displaying your smallish tostada [F]

Sally's favorite color was orange [Karin]

And her cockatoo she named Lorange [F]

They both spoke in rhyme [Karin]

And often would mime [F]

While sucking upon an old lozenge [N]

I went to the doctor today [Beefy ]

Was told I was really okay [F]

"Get out of my sight" [Padfoot]

I figured I might [F]

Just haunt him if I passed away [Grayman]

D'you think there's a life after death? [Beefy ]

She asked with her very last breath [Grayman]

St. Peter then said, [Kansas Sam]

"The dead are just dead" [Padfoot]

"Up here there's no royalty, Beth" [Beefy ]

Headcheese and pegleg don't whack [quasi]

Google's dimentia is back [Kansas Sam]

Now spoonbill is all [N]

That whackers can maul [Kansas Sam]

By inserting a word such as "quack" [F]

I squish ev'ry ant that I see [Kansas Sam]

I'll even pull wings from a bee [F]

But crickets - I pet [Kansas Sam]

Just why, I forget [F]

Maybe because they pet me [Kansas Sam]

The boogeyman's under my bed [F]

Just ask my pals Ned, Ted, and Red [Kansas Sam]

Oh, no! Where'd they go? [F]

I'm afraid that I know [quasi]

The boogeyman has just been fed [F]

Contributors: F, Karin(input from F), Karin, N, Beefy, Padfoot, Grayman, Kansas Sam, quasi.
Poem finished: 9th October 2003 by Beefy.