The Spoonbill Generator

The Dreaded Chair Gang

The sly London chair gang is at it again [Beefy ]

They will unseat us forever [F]

Can nobody catch these mysterious men? [Beefy ]

Their heads we soon must sever [F]

Nefarious seat pranks the Cock-er-neys fear [Padfoot]

They have stolen the folding chairs [F]

I have no reposit'ry left for my rear [Ethetran]

No wonder everyone stares [Beefy ]

They offer a seat, just to yank as you sit [Kansas Sam]

I'm considering litigation [F]

It's not so much anger at looking a twit [Beefy ]

It's really aggravation [F]

An upturned tack placed on ones chair will ensure [Padfoot]

That nobody else nicks your place [Grayman]

I can't be chastised, for my motives are pure [Beefy ]

And in the best possible taste [Grayman]

However, the lack of a seating device [Kansas Sam]

Has not yet affected my standing [archy (proxy for Sam)]

But if you turn your back, I'll pounce in a trice [Beefy ]

And your bum will come in for a landing [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Beefy, F, Padfoot, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, Grayman, archy (proxy for Sam).
Poem finished: 9th October 2003 by Anon..