The Spoonbill Generator

Horizons Known Only to the Certain

Over the listing, under the stamp [Roland]

Behind the sofa, next to the lamp [F]

Glenda knits her socks and gloves [baoloa]

Out of which she extracts doves [Padfoot]

Which flutter to the curtain rail [Beefy ]

Over the carton, under the field [loaf]

Scanning the seeds, counting the yield [Beefy ]

Wendy tends her veggie patch [N]

Hoping that the eggs will hatch [F]

When all will be revealed [Ethetran]

Over the Meissen, under the Jade [Roland]

Yanking a pigtail, plaiting a braid [F]

Sonya mixes cookie dough [TG]

Then enjoys her afterglow [F]

And tops it with a yard of ale [Beefy ]

Over the hill and under the thumb [Grayman]

Off the darjeeling and onto the rum [Ethetran]

Mandy deals the tarot cards [Beefy ]

Seeing signs of future shards [Kansas Sam]

Where fortune's fates are sealed [loaf]

Contributors: Roland, F, baoloa, Padfoot, Beefy, loaf, N, Ethetran, TG, Grayman, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 7th October 2003 by F.