The Spoonbill Generator

Large Enough To Store Time

What better place than here? [quasi]

Almost any. [Roland]

What better company than those here? [archaeopteryx]

Er ... I take the fifth. [what]

What better time than now? [Karin]

Never is often better than right now [Kansas Sam (from Peters)]

And now is always incovenient to someone [P]


And now is an illusion [P]

Last time I looked [Ethetran]

I found nothing but bone dust and dry rot [Dassn't Say]

Though that could be illusion, too, of course [P]

But, then again, who am I? Am I real? [Beefy ]

You pass the Turing Test [Kansas Sam]

And Pangloss takes care of the rest [Beefy ]

Cogito ergo sum [(Descartes)]

If my Latin [P]

Suffices, means "The adding machine works" [Beefy ]

- That's some consolation [P]

Can it play Solitaire? [Ethetran]

And is it truly solitary? Time and space [Beefy ]

Are vast, so we keep it in a cupboard [Ethetran]

Next to the alphabet soup and the 10 year old oregano [Dassn't Say]

This is the stinkiest random jumble of letters I've seen [Anon.]

Contributors: quasi, Roland, archaeopteryx, what, Karin, Kansas Sam (from Peters), P, Anon., Ethetran, Dassn't Say, Beefy, Kansas Sam, (Descartes).
Poem finished: 2nd October 2003.