The Spoonbill Generator

I'll never ηπ again

I once was told that A is πr2 [Ethetran]

But B confided such is not the case [Beefy ]

And other Greek that U have oft declared [Kansas Sam]

Like c is λf seems out of place [Ethetran]

Oh φ! I think I'll β smart retreat [Beefy ]

2 somewhere ν, where language makes more sense [Ethetran]

Where kittens μ and ρses smell more sweet [Beefy ]

A κτ'l idea -- now take me hence [Ethetran]


Not one ι was I τght of Greek [Ethetran]

I've yet to mη master of the art [Beefy ]

But I'll ζ it that I'll get in their clique [Ethεtran]

Or Fate has δ blow that breaks my heart [Beefy ]

Contributors: Ethetran, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Anon., Ethεtran.
Poem finished: 2nd October 2003.