The Spoonbill Generator

If Not Insouciance

Feeling rather awkward, newly clad in neon eyewear [N]

(Not yet more, not yet more!) [Roland]

Leaving out another fair [N]

(One with hair I adore) [franz]

Who holds a thought how a vision ends if dusk or night ensues? [Beefy ]

(Some poems often include lurking themes in them) [Ethetran]

What have our colleagues, all-revealing, ever spoilt? [loaf]

(Insignificant doggerel only) [Ethetran]

So my rhyme troubles your prose? No trust, sir? [smrtypnts]

(Thus here ends elegy, now depart) [Padfoot]

Contributors: N, Roland, franz, Beefy, Ethetran, loaf, smrtypnts, Padfoot.
Poem finished: 1st October 2003.