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Forlorn Ode To Verse

On Helicon, the Muses gather round [Beefy's proxy]

Devoured by a passion for their art [N]

Endlessly they weave a silent sound [F]

Terpsichore commands; the dances start [N]

Openly, Erato does impart [F]

Seductive words; Calliope replies [N]

Perchance in verse. The poetaster's heart [F]

Once saddened by Euterpe's sighs [N]

Once more will ache, and then will oft arise [F]

To pensive Polyhymnia's call [Grayman]

Bold poet, laud Urania to the skies [Anon.]

In time will Clio eulogize us all [Ethetran]

Let Thalia's mirthful jests reward our toil [Beefy ]

Light nothings, that Melpomene shan't spoil. [loaf]

Contributors: Beefy's proxy, N, F, Grayman, Beefy, Ethetran, loaf.
Poem finished: 1st October 2003.