The Spoonbill Generator

Tree Urchin

Under the shedding nose-nut tree [Dassn't Say]

Who'll come and pick the fruit with me? [Beefy ]

Under the drooping earwax palm [Padfoot]

Who'll help me harvest Chapstick balm? [Kansas Sam]

Under the leaning toe-jam bush [smrtypnts]

Who'll give the swing a gentle push? [Beefy ]

Under the snowy dandruff hedge [Dassn't Say]

Who'll help me shape the silken wedge? [Beefy ]

Under the ancient dribble creek [Kansas Sam]

Who'll patch me when I spring a leak? [Beefy ]

Under the akward hardass shrub [franz]

Who'll give my dirty feet a scrub? [Dassn't Say]


Contributors: Dassn't Say, Beefy, Padfoot, Kansas Sam, smrtypnts, franz, Anon..
Poem finished: 1st October 2003.