The Spoonbill Generator

He Knew I Was a Frog

Miss Piggy was making a fuss [N]

Because her ex-husband, named Gus [F]

Was suing her ass [N]

And screwing a lass [F]

A pretty good reason to cuss [N]

Kermit the Frog was elusive [F]

You might even call him reclusive [N]

He often would croak [F]

While enjoying a stroke [N]

Anything else was intrusive [F]

When Gonzo had finished his dinner [N]

He'd go cruise the streets like a sinner [F]

He'd knock on the door
Of his favourite whore [N]

Then on the bed would he pin her [F]

Scooter was under arrest [Padfoot]

He'd diddled Miss Piggy, in jest [F]

He said, "Fozzy Bear [Padfoot]

Was the one who would dare [F]

To eat pork (he's a sexual pest)" [Padfoot]

Cookie Monster, that gigolo [F]

Would do most things for cookies, you know [Padfoot]

He begged Captain Bob [Beefy ]

To take a new job [Padfoot]

And tell the punk frog where to go [Beefy ]

Beaker was all in a panic [Kansas Sam]

He'd smoked all his five-leaf botanic [archaeopteryx]

He paged his connection [Karin]

To send more "confection" [N]

But unwittingly dialed the mechanic [Anon.]

Contributors: N, F, Padfoot, Beefy, Kansas Sam, archaeopteryx, Karin, Anon..
Poem finished: 1st October 2003.