The Spoonbill Generator

The First Cyborg Whore

Rosie was a robot made of steel [N]

Whom all the androids had the hots for [F]

She had a certain cyber-sex appeal [N]

And was often called, "that little 'bots whore" [F]

She'd open up a socket for the boys [N]

Avidly, they'd plug in their devices [F]

At which she'd make a blissful humming noise [N]

They then would practice all their cyber vices [F]

Her interface was really quite a stunner [N]

The boys were wired--flashing even [F]

She knew they'd surely try to do a runner [N]

And try to line up data--even-steven [F]

But Rosie dreamt that one day she would find [N]

Her programmer was a very horny geek [F]

Who'd fit her with a fleshy plump behind [N]

Then key her till her hinges went weak [F]

Contributors: N, F.
Poem finished: 30th September 2003.