The Spoonbill Generator

What Is Best For Each

Nine yards matter, when in zoos or farms an unclear sign [Beefy ]

Leads onto a field. Lest 'orses and foals leap over a fence [Ethetran]

Each thundering hoof entails timber, railings and nails [Beefy ]

Beautiful equines enclosed, farmer yearns [Padfoot]

Pining and dying for old-time outdoor trails [Beefy ]

Shetland ponies over on nearby mountain are still the easy riders [Padfoot]

For rough and nimble colts impede neat elegance [Roland]

Foals eagerly scramble to each rail [Irene Adler]

And like this poem, come to a merciful end [Anon.]

In this coffin goes the final nail [N]

Contributors: Beefy, Ethetran, Padfoot, Roland, Irene Adler, Anon., N.
Poem finished: 30th September 2003.