The Spoonbill Generator

Food for the Twin

Kielbasa is a sausage quite sublime [F]

Cinderella tried it once upon a time [TG]

It didn't go with pumpkin, though [N]

So Disney cut it from his show [Kansas Sam]

An eggplant is a much neglected fruit [N]

And witches love it as they do a newt [F]

Double, double, toil and trouble [N]

May our champagne always bubble [F]

Now headcheese is a treat that's fit for kings [N]

Though some, I hear, prefer Scottish flings [F]

The which has caused a score or more of feuds [Beefy ]

The Scots (with untrained kilts) are almost nudes [Ethetran]

Old Landlord is an underrated ale [Beery]

Hoppy flavour and a colour golden pale [Padfoot]

Which well accompanies a Yorkshire pud [Beefy ]

To be honest, better than it should [Grayman]

We don't eat marrow often nowadays [Ethetrna]

Perhaps because we're too set in our ways [Beefy ]

It's nice and bland when stuffed with mince and swede [Ethetran]

Its shape, though, can be very rude indeed [Beefy ]

Contributors: F, TG, N, Kansas Sam, Beefy, Ethetran, Beery, Padfoot, Grayman, Ethetrna.
Poem finished: 30th September 2003.