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Fasting with Predictable Terror

For many years, this story has remained untold [N]

But now I feel an urge to spill the beans [F]

I feel it should be shared before I grow too old [N]

Of course, I have to edit several scenes [F]

But sit back now and listen while my tale does unfold [N]

There was a friar known as Brother Matthew [F]

He had within his keeping several books [N]

Shakespeare being one. He'd misquote, "Brute, et tu" [F]

For which his peers would grant him scornful looks [N]

Then one summer day, whilst grazing 'mongst his tomes [F]

He noticed I was hiding in a tree [N]

Along with several of his favorite gnomes [F]

Whose telescopes were trained upon his knee [Roland]

Now Matthew liked to keep his knees away from view [Beefy ]

For reasons that were now becoming clear: [Ethetran]

"My naughty knees embarrass me, 'tis true, [fester]

Most chiefly when I place them here ... and here [Beefy ]

"Ignore their rude remarks about your head - [fester]

Such holy folk should never stoop to slights" [Beefy ]

But when his knees cried "Bet you're good in bed!" [fester]

His gnomes replied, "Yay! Go put on your tights!" [Ethetran]

Wnen your knees offend you, you needs do what you must - [fester]

Hence: "Cut off at the knees" - a common phrase [Beefy ]

Because there are knees and knees - and some you cannot trust [fester]

Though Brother Matthew needs his when he prays [Ethetran]

A compromise was reached between Matt and his knees [fester]

He'd use them as a lectern - nothing more [Beefy ]

At night they would be free to wander as they pleased [fester]

So long as Matt heard nothing of the score [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: N, F, Roland, Beefy, Ethetran, fester, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 30th September 2003.