The Spoonbill Generator

Morbid Obsessions With Broccoli

My imagination runs a little wild at times [N]

I cower in fear when the doorbell chimes [Kansas Sam]

My head is filled with twisted creatures [N]

I've seen in Grade B horror features [F]

The sound of creaking floorboards sends a shiver up my spine [N]

Makes me, with a trembling hand, spill my favorite wine [F]

I shiver as a shadow dances past [N]

Such terrors does the midnight hour cast [F]

Lying in my bed at night, hiding under sheets [N]

Pondering unholy murderous feats [F]

On stormy nights I lie awake in fright [N]

With all my bedroom lamps burning bright [F]

Something creaks, I'm sure they've come to take me to the grave [N]

With bedclothes I create an impenetrable cave [F]

And I shiver as a silhouette comes near [Roland]

Personifying my deadliest fear [F]

Contributors: N, Kansas Sam, F, Roland.
Poem finished: 29th September 2003.