The Spoonbill Generator

Agriculture Good And Bad

In the land where the brain-fart trees grow [quasi]

The poop-peppers sprout up in rows [Dassn't Say]

The gardeners there [quasi]

Stick their noses in air [Kansas Sam]

Whenever the winds starts to blow [quasi]

In a land where the limericks scan [N]

And rhyme's not a mere also-ran [Roland]

The rhythm is fair [Anon.]

Don't pluck out your hair [F]

Or drive off in a pink hippie van [quasi]

One day in the land of Spoonbill [F]

A mountain I made of a molehill [quasi]

My rhyme was a crime [F]

It was not the first time [quasi]

And my metre as neat as an oil spill [snood]

In a land where the sand meets the sea [TG]

Lived a crab and her consort, Sir Flea [Dassn't Say]

They sidled and jumped [TG]

They bit and they humped [F]

And then took a break to have tea [quasi]

In a land where the poet is king [N]

And our noble ideas take wing [quasi]

Where metaphors reign [N]

We'll all go insane [quasi]

Oh death, tell me where is your sting [N]

Contributors: quasi, Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam, N, Roland, Anon., F, snood, TG.
Poem finished: 29th September 2003.