The Spoonbill Generator

My Puckered Times

Uncork the bottle and light a cigar [F]

Let them both float down the river [Roland]

Pluck out the feather and unlid the tar [Kansas Sam]

Target the lungs and the liver [Roland]

Show up when not wanted, darken a door [F]

Knock it three times if you must [Anon.]

And practice real hard to be a stiff bore [F]

Target the leering and lust [Roland]

Sing in the bathtub and dance in the sink [TG]

Then twirl your fingers and toes [F]

Go get a brush; paint the toilet seat pink [quasi]

Target the wreath and the rose [Roland]

Contributors: F, Roland, Kansas Sam, Anon., TG, quasi.
Poem finished: 29th September 2003.