The Spoonbill Generator

Hindsight Blindness

If I had known that this would be [N]

The last day of his life [Roland]

I would have fixed some chicken soup [F]

A tonic for his wife [Roland]

If I had know that he would croak [F]

The main theme from Ben Hur [Roland]

I would have "fixed" what nature broke [Kansas Sam]

Without the least demur [Roland]

If had known that you would feel [N]

So flexible and damp [Roland]

I would have taught my dog to heel [F]

With sutures and a clamp [Anon.]

If I had know that you could kiss [F]

Your pension plan goodbye [Anon.]

I would have said you were remiss [F]

To kiss a gal like I [Anon.]

Contributors: N, Roland, F, Kansas Sam, Anon..
Poem finished: 28th September 2003.