The Spoonbill Generator

Once You Forget My Name, A Strange Leathery Complexion Beckons

A man with a prong on his nose [Padfoot]

Distinguishes peoms from prose [Beefy ]

"A peom, quite clearly, [fester]

Is a poem spelt queerly [Padfoot]

Or so fools quite often suppose [fester]

Nose prongs have uses galore [Padfoot]

Such as," (and here he pauses for [fester]

A beer, then continues) : [Ethetran]

The twanging of sinews [snood]

And pronging things you want to store" [fester]

Rhinoceros likeness is good [snood]

I must disagree with you, snood [Padfoot]

They're thick-skinned and surly [Beefy ]

Their nose hair is curly [snood]

I find your comparison rude [Ethetran]

Contributors: Padfoot, Beefy, fester, Ethetran, snood.
Poem finished: 26th September 2003.