The Spoonbill Generator

Feathery Fiends

What is the matter, my fine-feathered friend? [quasi]

Why must you peck at my nose? [Anon.]

Why does your bird-brain still ill-comprehend [Kansas Sam]

That Hitchcock's "The Birds" made me doze [Anon.]

So some birds come - how scary is that?... [Kansas Sam]

I hold a bird in the hand [F]

Yada, yada, yada, bird poop goes "splat" [Karin]

I ask why on me must it land? [Anon.]

Being pooped on by birds is lucky, they say [Padfoot]

Not if you're Tippi Hedron [F]

In which case your best bet is running away [Ethetran]

To hide under quilts in the bedroom [Beefy ]

Donald or Daffy, who's your favourite duck? [Padfoot]

Why do you force me to choose? [Beefy ]

Which one I harbour and which one I chuck [snood]

Either way, one duck I will lose [Padfoot]

Contributors: quasi, F, Kansas Sam, Karin, Padfoot, Ethetran, Beefy, snood.
Poem finished: 26th September 2003.