The Spoonbill Generator

The Authors of Unsettled Remains

On Spoonbill we all write in verse [N]

I think it's some strange kind of curse
We spend all our time [F]

Trying to rhyme
But our poetry only gets worse [N]

The "Show Authors" thing shows one's sin [Kansas Sam]

A factoid you really can't spin [F]

But some of us feel
It ain't a big deal [N]

So don't let it happen again [Kansas Sam]

Sam is our resident watchdog
He's keeping a most detailed spoon log [F]

Recording our crimes
Our dubious rhymes [N]

And unscanning lines he will flog [F]

"No soup for you!", said the Czar [Kansas Sam]

"Nor beer when you sit at the bar" [Anon.]

"Instead you'll get shots" [Kansas Sam]

"And underworld plots" [F]

"Like those guys in trunk of my car" [Kansas Sam]

I'm thinking I don't want to rhyme [F]

(Then why did you use the word "I'm"?) [Kansas Sam]

Perhaps royal "we?" [F]

(No, that one's for me) [Kansas Sam]

Well, aren't we full of ourselves? [F]

Contributors: N, F, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 26th September 2003.