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The Intent Of Noses

Attend the tale of Jack the Lad [Beefy (after Sondheim)]

Who wooed the Queen of Hearts [loaf]

With finest, freshest hake and shad [Kansas Sam]

And flashed his privy parts [Beefy ]

The Queen, aghast at seeing fish [Kansas Sam]

Where fish should never be [loaf]

Determined that her dying wish [N]

Was burial at sea [Ethetran]

Young Jack, though, had a cunning plan [N]

He'd take her on a boat [F]

He'd seat her on the craft's divan [Kansas Sam]

And row her 'round the moat [F]

The Queen was most impressed [N]

And said, "Now, tell me, Jack" [F]

"Is it true, as Jill confessed, [Ethetran]

You swept her chimney-stack?" [loaf]

With rakish grin young Jack replied, [Ethetran]

In soft seductive tones: [Beefy ]

"You'll not guess what I found inside: [Ethetran]

A lot of well-jumped bones!" [Beefy ]

This put the Queen off Jack a bit [Ethetran]

But soon he won her round [Beefy ]

He showed that fish, like snakes, can spit [Kansas Sam]

But rarely make a sound [Ethetran]


Contributors: Beefy(after Sondheim), loaf, Kansas Sam, Beefy, N, Ethetran, F, Anon..
Poem finished: 25th September 2003.