The Spoonbill Generator

A Melee Mightn't Make My Machinations Musical

To write a good poem several things are required [Padfoot]

The boss must be willing, the horse must be hired [loaf]

Two peeled potatoes, a bucket of mince [Padfoot]

A pair of green trousers, a stout pair of splints [Grayman]

A corduroy hat and some music that swings [fester]

These are just some of those several things [Padfoot]

To write a good poem several minds must conjoin [Beefy ]

Some lines we write others purloin [Padfoot]

Sometimes we meld, though at others we jar [Beefy ]

(In which case, be warned: you will hear from the Czar) [Kansas Sam]

And when we've achieved a meeting of minds [Karin]

Words will appear on the page, all kinds [Padfoot]

Contributors: Padfoot, loaf, Grayman, fester, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Karin.
Poem finished: 25th September 2003.