The Spoonbill Generator

Night Before Time Immoderate

in the darkness of the night [jamie gratton]

Something stirs, something grim [Beefy ]

Seeking shadows, shunning light [Ethetran]

Standing at the nightmare's rim [Beefy ]

Wait - I know that face - it's Nym! (You rascal, you had me worried then) [Ethetran]

in the light of a bright new day [jamie gratton]

I see a beard, long and grey [Elvis]

Wrinkled eyes and balding pate [Beefy ]

This can mean but just one fate [Padfoot]

ive gone and lost my one true mate [jamie gratton]

(We were never supposed to get old) [Beefy ]

In the twilight I see the past [Padfoot]

Guess it wasn't meant to last [IreneAdler]

No regrets and no remorse [Beefy ]

I'll steer my ship a different course [Padfoot]

Conquering my fears by force [Beefy ]

(This cane'll crack your silly head!) [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: jamie gratton, Beefy, Ethetran, Elvis, Padfoot, IreneAdler, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 24th September 2003.