The Spoonbill Generator

Recruitment Drive By The Bogus Snobbery Guardians

How to swell our number, how increase our ranks? [Beefy ]

How to get more people here, filling in the blanks? [Ethetran]

Let us have the government support a "Spoonbill Day" [Beefy ]

Or why not hold a Mardi Gras and all pretend we're gay? [Padfoot]

Or hold a bogus contest and charge a princely fee? [Dassn't Say]

(To keep the riff-raff out and keep our poems error-free) [Ethetran]

Make all the world a palimpsest, turn all the seas to ink [Beefy ]

Reward each contribution with an alcoholic drink [Ethetran]

Or someone could just link it from another busy site [IreneAdler]

Though some could be a bad idea (I think that b3ta might) [Ethetran]

Unless we could persuade them all to read before they write [Beefy ]

Contributors: Beefy, Ethetran, Padfoot, Dassn't Say, IreneAdler.
Poem finished: 24th September 2003.