The Spoonbill Generator

Water Fingers

The Irish invented the limerick [F]

But writing one can be done in a tick [Anon.]

Count on your fingers [F]

Throw out some zingers [Karin]

And get right in touch with your inner chick [N]

Whiskey's a Scottish invention [F]

(That's something I'd just thought I'd mention) [N]

Mix it with water [F]

Although it's better much shorter [e]

Then drink and relieve all your tension [Karin]

The Welsh, they came up with the lava bread [e]

Which they fondle when lying in bed [F]

How few could guess that it's made from seaweed [e]

so if you it to much you will wet the bed [jamie gratton]

A very sad outcome indeed! [Beefy ]

Contributors: F, N, Karin, e, jamie gratton, Beefy.
Poem finished: 24th September 2003.