The Spoonbill Generator

The Gospel of Even Numbers

My only brush with India [Roland]

Was brief, but nonetheless [N]

I keep a single souvenir [Roland]

Stapled to my fav'rite ear [N]

As doth the pale negress [Roland]

My dalliance with Timbuktu [Ethetran]

Was only meant in jest [N]

I keep a single monotreme [Roland]

Fitted with a laser beam [N]

As do the truly blessed [Roland]

My rendezvous with Paraguay [N]

May sire a single son [Roland]

I keep a single photograph [N]

And laugh a wryly Latin laugh [F]

As doth the ruling Hun [N]

My brief encounter with Siam [F]

May be the last, I fear [N]

I tried to dis-conjoin the twins [F]

Committed several carnal sins [N]

Consorting with a seer [F]

Contributors: Roland, N, Ethetran, F.
Poem finished: 24th September 2003.