The Spoonbill Generator

Tumble Driers of Yesteryear

Wise men have been fooled [N]

With syllables of leather [loaf]

They're uncertain whether [Ethetran]

A haiku was ruled [N]

Wise words have been scorned [loaf]

By inattentive poets [Ethetran]

They are forgiven [N]

Harmony now reigns [Karin]

And we're keeping to the beat [N]

We're uncertain whether [loaf]

Haiku still remains [N]

Harmony is scorned [loaf]

By playful iconoclasts [Anon.]

Watch them repenting ... [loaf]

Fools have been wiser [N]

But seldom when they're speaking [F]

Words give them away [N]

Contributors: N, loaf, Ethetran, Karin, F.
Poem finished: 24th September 2003.