The Spoonbill Generator

Time is Our Sinecure

Within this life awakening [(trad)]

Upon an equinoctial tide [P]

Our paintings, on a choc'late box, [loaf]

Are sadly often spied [N]

With neither tongue nor telescope [Roland]

As sanctioned by the pope [N]

Within my heart a treasure [(trad)]

Upon a regal jalopy [N]

Our extras, in a numbing heap [loaf]

A shining panoply [N]

With neither eyes nor astrolabe [loaf]

As gimbled in the wabe [N]

No greater love is gathered [(trad)]

By those who seek eternal life [N]

Our wishes, in a torrent dire [loaf]

Are piquant like a knife [Anon.]

With neither hoof nor howitzer [loaf]

Thus spake the kibitzer [N]

Contributors: (trad), P, loaf, N, Roland.
Poem finished: 24th September 2003.