The Spoonbill Generator

Yellow Pasty Cavalcade

I've heard that folks that are from the U.K. [Karin]

Are snotty and stuffy and no fun to play [Beefy ]

At Scrabble, insisting I'm lacking a "u" [Kansas Sam]

An changing is something they simply don't do [Ethetran]

What's the deal with their teeth, I simply must ask [smrtypnts]

And Princess Anne should consider a mask [F]

Joining with Europe still fills them with dread [Ethetran]

And why their insistence on calling zee zed? [F]

I've heard that they'll eat any part of a beast [Kansas Sam]

When tea is on offer, all action is ceased [Ethetran]

They taught us the yard, then they took up the "metre" [Kansas Sam]

The streets of their towns are all paved with excreta [loaf]

They drive on the left (which they know isn't right...) [Kansas Sam]

Their skin is pale and pasty white [Karin]

Thank goodness a euro weighs less than a pound [Kansas Sam]

For things to complain about surely abound [N]

Contributors: Karin, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Ethetran, smrtypnts, F, loaf, N.
Poem finished: 24th September 2003.