The Spoonbill Generator

Mix My Soul with Potions Metaphysical

Words enfold me, winged things [F]

Scanning for a safe landing place [N]

I can't control them, yet they bring [Ethetran]

A wistful smile to my face [N]

Words uplift me, magic things [F]

Bearing my whimsical notions [N]

Though causing unintended stings [Ethetran]

They still are magic potions [F]

Words beguile me, subtle things [Beefy ]

Hinting at meanings unsaid [Ethetran]

They resonate like bells that ring [Karin]

In the echoing church of my head [Beefy ]

Words deceive me, cunning things [P]

With more than one meaning for each [Ethetran]

Homonyms lead to my many mood swings [Kansas Sam]

Their grasp exceeds my reach [F]

Contributors: F, N, Ethetran, Beefy, Karin, P, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 23rd September 2003.