The Spoonbill Generator

Making the Tide Wet

I once had to wrestle a bear [F]

That was pulling out clumps of my hair [e]

He yanked out a tuft [Karin]

While I huffed and puffed [F]

"You just stay away from down there!" [N]

I once had to muzzle a hound [F]

That was making a horrible sound [N]

He foamed at the mouth [F]

I grabbed him 'down south' [N]

And began to vigorously pound [F]

I once had to cuddle a spider [N]

Turned into a hot overnighter [F]

With so many legs [Ethetran]

Large vibrating eggs [Anon.]

My eyes have never been wider! [Ethetran]

I once had to ride on a goat [N]

It said at the time (and I quote): [Ethetran]

"I think that it's silly [snood]

To call a goat Billy [Dassn't Say]

Just ask my friend Sammy the stoat" [Beefy ]

I once had to threaten a hake [Kansas Sam]

With a taste of my tame mandrake, [ellie]

But, when up to my knees [Ethetran]

In cold boiling seas [e]

I thought: "Have I made a mistake?" [Beefy ]

I once had to marry a squid [Ethetran]

To a tiny vermicious knid [e]

But the groom ate the bride [Beefy ]

Then fled with the tide [Karin]

It must have been something she did [P]

I once had to detour a shark [Kansas Sam]

I waylaid it on its way to the park [e]

It bit off my rump [F]

I felt like a chump [Karin]

Damn that stung! And it left quite a mark [Ethetran]

Contributors: F, e, Karin, N, Ethetran, snood, Dassn't Say, Beefy, Kansas Sam, ellie, P.
Poem finished: 23rd September 2003.