The Spoonbill Generator

The Wickedness of Luxor

There once was an arrogant Pharaoh [Anon.]

Whose favorite syrup was Karo [F]

He'd pour it all over
A slice of pavlova [N]

And then sing a chorus of "Day-O" [F]

The king of the Incas declared [N]

My pears are not perfectly pared [F]

He demanded I try [N]

A slice of his pie [F]

From this torture, I beg'd to be spared [N]

The Toltecs, I hear, are more versed [Anon.]

Though many suspect they are cursed [N]

Their line has died out [F]

From eating fried trout [N]

And slices of old liverwurst [F]

Sumerians never did conquer [N]

Their strong urge to obscenely bonker [F]

Their taste for whipped cream [Ethetran]

Is sinful, I deem [P]

I'm glad that they didn't last longer [N]

Contributors: N, F, Anon., Ethetran, P.
Poem finished: 23rd September 2003.