The Spoonbill Generator

Trysting Without Thomasina

In my borrowed jacket [Roland]

And my one-day hire socks [Ethetran]

(Style? Yes, I lack it) [Anon.]

But my tartan trilby rocks! [Ethetran]

In my boots and panties [(trad)]

And nothing else at all [N]

A dozen vigilantes [Roland]

have dragged me to the ball [e]

In my bra and hoopskirt [F]

And shoulder pads and spats [Dassn't Say]

I'm quite the naughty flirt [Anon.]

Upside down on yoga mats [Dassn't Say]

In my velvet trousers [dok]

Beret and pantyhose [F]

Booties on my schnauzers [K8]

And pince-nez on my nose [Anon.]

In my Eden inspired fig leaf [Karen]

And my chic porkpie hat [F]

I wander down to the coral reef [Karen]

Bodacious, bitchin', phat [Dassn't Say]


In the water, cool and deep, [Karen]

I left my underpants [F]

Then 'ore the rocks I took a peep [K8]

And began to swim toward France. [gussie]


Contributors: Roland, Ethetran, F, (trad), N, e, Dassn't Say, dok, K8, Karen, Anon., gussie.
Poem finished: 22nd September 2003.