The Spoonbill Generator

Who Will Have The Lady Over?

The sun was not shining the day
My lady rode sadly away [N]

I saw no gleam of tears [Karen]

I'd had a few beers [Anon.]

So I drunkenly begged her to stay [N]

I might have to press my new pants [F]

For tonight is the annual dance [N]

And I must woo a new lady [Karen]

Who's nickname is Sadie [F]

Will I capture her charm, savants? [Anon.]

Or, perhaps , she'll polish my lance. [Karen]

Or pierce me right through with a glance [F]

New love, bright, unknown [Karen]

With a stumpy Troll clone [K8]

Is an adventure of retreat and advance. [Karen]

A chance she decided to give me [K8]

After smiling at me rather stiffly [N]

My lady turned her horse's head [Gussie]

Then I went to bed [F]

And she followed me into it swiftly [N]

Contributors: N, Karen, F, K8, Gussie.
Poem finished: 22nd September 2003.