The Spoonbill Generator

Apologies To The Stovepipe Baby

You got a smile so sweet, you coulda been drip glucose [Karen ]

And I have diabetes--doggone it! [F]

You got ways so cool, you coulda been a firehose [Karen]

So come on, babe--hop on it! [F]

Baby, you're so tall, you coulda been Abe Lincoln [Karen]

That's quite a stovepipe--yowzah! [F]

You coulda been Dr. Scholl, your feet are never stinkin' [Karen]

What can I do to rouse ya? [F]

Baby , you sing so sweet, you coulda been a Grecian lute [Karen]

You're shaped just like one--hubba, hubba! [F]

And you're so magic, you coulda been some Eye of Newt! [Karen]

Never would I snub ya! [F]

Well, you coulda been anything you wanted to [Karen]

In that case, then lemme be ........gone! [Anon.]

Contributors: Karen, F, Anon..
Poem finished: 22nd September 2003.