The Spoonbill Generator

Though Tamborines are Comforting

I may have to saddle a horse [F]

My preference to 'pigs', of course [K8]

And with adequate training [Ethetran]

(And slight porcine straining) [Kansas Sam]

I may even be with the Force [F]

Whilst trying to tame a wild pony [Ethetran]

I wore a new gizmo from Sony [Kansas Sam]

It bleeped and it squawked [Anon.]

Left me bleeding and pocked [Karen]

(I'd guessed that its claims had been phoney) [Ethetran]

I may have to hail down a cab [F]

My legs are too long to mount my Lab [Karen]

But I'm lacking the cash [F]

And I've sold all my stash [Karen]

I'll have to go into rehab [F]

So is this how it ends? [Karen]

'Fraid so, my friends [loaf]

Contributors: F, K8, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, Karen, loaf.
Poem finished: 21st September 2003.