The Spoonbill Generator

Input Commandments

Another call from Abraham [Roland]

Got lost in cyberspace [Kansas Sam]

I hear that he's been on the lam [F]

And also off his face [Roland]

Moses sent an email [Ethetran]

Read another 'C' [Roland]

I heard that he was female [F]

Manna of a she [Roland]

I instant messaged Noah [dok]

The pop-up went ignored [Anon.]

He's quite a busy rower [Ethetran]

And so is seldom bored [F]

Elijah sent an SMS [Ethetran]

I had to gasp in awe [F]

for every joke he had amassed [K8]

Contained the word, "hurrah!" [F]

"A 'Blog' is what I need" said God [K8]

To make the young folks heed [Karin]

'hypocrisy' I don't applaud [K8]

I'll pluck it like a weed. [F]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, F, Ethetran, dok, K8, Karin.
Poem finished: 21st September 2003.